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4 day working week, the best work life balance

Have you every wondered just what it would be like to have a three day weekend every week? It's fantastic, but it wasn't easy to get it done. It took a year to get our systems right. It took just as long to talk with the staff to tell them how it works and legal issues. The result is better culture, less absentees, less HR issues, longer staff retention, being more competitive without paying more.

Sounds good doesn't it? It is, but what are the downfalls you ask?

  1. It has to be driven by the SLT. No going in on Friday just because you want to show everyone your the hardest worker.

  2. It will annoy your customers and clients to start with but in the end they will respect you even more.

  3. You must have a service system in place that isn't email. The system runs the service not the individual.

  4. Working the same hours over 4 days makes the days quite long.

Now 5 years after the trial we are never looking back. It has become one of the best differentiators of working here. It also made the transition to working from home and flexibility so easy. It feels great to work for a business that treats you like an adult with flexibility, trust and a long weekend every week.

Storm McGrath CEO Kip McGrath Education Centre Limited

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